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Foundation Drain

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A foundation drain is a vitally important part of a home waterproofing system. The foundation drain is located around the home's foundation wall on the outside at the footing level. It is made of perforated plastic pipe with lots of tiny holes to collect the ground water. The pipe has a filter sock to keep soil from entering the pipe. This type of pipe is also called a weeping tile pipe. In older homes in Toronto it is made out of a clay pipe which does not have any filter cloth protection. Therefore this older system naturally gets clogged pretty fast. The foundation drain is designed and installed to protect basement walls by collecting the ground water that accumulates around the footings. It also collects the surface water which penetrates the soil around your home during a period of rain or the spring thaw and that reaches down into the foundation drain.

At DrainCom, we understand the importance of this foundation drain system and always replace it when doing basement waterproofing work. If your basement windows have window wells then they must also have window well drains leading to the foundation drain. This will prevent your window wells from overflowing. Even though there may be no cleanouts or access points which would allow for inspection of the weeping tile system, the homeowner will normally know there is a problem with the foundation drain when the basement starts to leak.

It is very important to make sure that the foundation drain (the weeping tile system) is draining properly. At DrainCom, it is standard practice that we always do an inspection of the rest of the weeping tile system. The foundation drain should be connected to the storm drain system or sump pump. We certainly do not recommend connecting it to a dry well. In the older parts of Toronto or the GTA, the foundation drain may still be connected to the sanitary drain through the floor drains in the basement. We at DrainCom are your very best Toronto basement waterproofing and foundation drain specialists. We ensure that we always fully explain the best solutions to our valued customers. Call DrainCom today.

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